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Little Stompers Preschool is a nationally recognized Eco- Healthy Child Care! That means we take thoughtful steps to reduce or eliminate health hazards inside and outside of our school. 

These are just some of the things we do to provide a healthy environment: 

  • We use environmentally safe non-toxic certified green cleaning products that are A rated by EWG.

  • We use non-toxic art supplies.

  • We recycle all of our paper and plastic products when possible. 

  • We use washable tableware and napkins for meals, instead of disposable items. 

  • We dry our hands using washable towels, instead of paper towels. 

  • Toys are predominately wood and any plastic toys are PVC free.  

  • Concerns for indoor quality means we use only oil diffusers for scent instead of scented candles or commercial air fresheners. We also continually use our air purifier. 

  • We do not have wall to wall carpeting in our space and we take our shoes off inside.

  •  Our outdoor playground and space is cared for without the use of chemicals or pesticides. 

  • Organic fruits and vegetables are predominately purchased for snacks. 

  • Apples, plums, blueberries and strawberries grow in our outdoor classroom and are available to pick seasonally (pesticide free!). We also grow organic vegetables in our garden.

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